Your Design Here: Custom Shirts and Prints for Political Campaigns 

As the 2023 mayoral elections approach, it is important to have a strong network of supporters behind you. One key tactic for success is having supporters wearing your message. At Your Design Here, we’re here to make your vision a reality. Our custom shirts and prints effectively spread your message during conventions, meetings, door-to-door visits, and in their day-to-day lives. 

Let’s take a look at the design options you can get with our team of professional designers. 


  1. Screen Printing 

Screen printing is one of the most popular methods for producing custom shirts. This t-shirt printing method can produce high-quality garments with prints that last. With a wide range of colors available, this method works best when you have designs with fewer than five colors.

  1. Direct to Garment Printing 

Our direct-to-garment printing (DTG Printing) provides vibrant colors and sharp details while allowing for more intricate designs on multiple fabric colors without sacrificing quality or durability. DTG printing is perfect for anything from small runs of single items to large bulk orders of hundreds or thousands of pieces. 

  1. Transfers 

Transfer printing is another popular option we offer to customize apparel. This method allows for multiple colors in a single design without compromising quality or durability. It also allows for full-color images and logos, making it ideal for creating intricate designs on clothing quickly and easily.   

  1. Laser Engraving      

You can use our laser engraving method to customize metallic objects such as tumblers and travel mugs. These texts or images will last forever! Laser engraving also allows you to create detailed designs that would be impossible with any other method. This is perfect for creating keepsakes that will last long after your campaign ends! 

  1. Custom Stickers & Decals 

Our stickers are not only great for branding, but also as giveaways! Stickers come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for adding personality to your brand! We can also create decals made of durable vinyl material – perfect for outdoor use and long-lasting exposure!  

Get The Best Design Services For Your Campaign

When it comes time to choose how you want your message delivered during the 2023 mayoral elections, look no further than our team at Your Design Here! We have every type of customization necessary, so you can showcase your message loud and proud! Contact us today and build a strong network of supporters who proudly wear your message!