Digital Printing Vs. Screen Printing: Discover Which Is Better For You
Feb 3, 2023

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your wardrobe, home decor, or gifts? Custom t-shirts are perfect for showing off your unique style and personality. But with all the choices available regarding how they’re printed, which type should you choose: digital or screen printing? Both offer a high-quality look that will make a lasting impression. 

Still, some key differences between them could factor into your decision. Continue reading for more information about what makes each method uniquely suitable for customizing items like t-shirts!

The Basics Of Digital Printing:

Digital printing is a process that uses specialized inks and software to create the desired design and can be more efficient than screen printing. Digital printing works best for designs that require great detail or color accuracies, such as photographs, graphics, and logos. Its advantages include a wide range of colors, an ability to produce photographic images and detailed graphics, and it requires minimal setup costs.

The Basics Of Screen Printing:

Screen printing is a traditional method of creating custom t-shirts in large batch orders. It involves pressing ink through a mesh screen onto fabric using a squeegee, allowing the printer to make multiple copies of the same artwork. It is a great choice for larger projects and when making bulk orders, as it’s cost-effective for mass production. Screen printing offers long lasting designs thanks to heat curing after printing.

Comparison Of Digital Printing And Screen Printing:

The main differences between digital and screen printing are cost, speed, and accuracy. 

  • Cost: Digital printing requires fewer setup costs but may be more expensive per unit due to its high-resolution output. On the other hand, with its traditional production method, screen printing can often offer better value if you’re doing large runs or bulk orders. 
  • Speed: Overall, screen printing will take longer to deliver your final product.
  • Accuracy: In terms of accuracy, both methods can create high-quality prints with accurate colors and details; however, digital printing tends to have an edge in this area. 

When deciding which printing method is best for your custom t-shirts, consider factors such as quantity, design complexity, and budget. If you need a unique design with lots of detail printed in a shorter period, digital printing is the way to go. For bulk orders or simpler designs, screen printing is the better choice. Whatever you decide, you should go to professional printing services for best results.

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